Your tracks in electronic form   rTracker - Flexible Personal Data Tracking on the iPhone

Track your world, your way.

rTracker Overview:

  • rTracker is a database for all the events you're interested in, configurable to meet your needs. 
  • rTracker is focused on lifelogging for the Quantified Self.
  • Create your own trackers for your physique, mileage, sleep quality, eating, shopping, exercise, job hours, patient progress, whatever you like!
    • Each tracker can include multiple values - numbers, notes, sliders, choice buttons - as well as functions on the values over time.
    • A sleep tracker might have one button to tap when going to bed, another when getting up, and from these calculate and report average hours in bed per night over the past month.
  • Turn your device sideways to graph your tracks. 
  • Edit past datapoints within rTracker; it is your data.
  • Export to CSV files through iTunes for deeper analysis as a spreadsheet (or just use rTracker as your desktop spreadsheet frontend).
  • Import CSV files if you have historical data to load.
  • Want to track your bank balance, sex life or something else that's private? rTracker supports hiding individual values or entire trackers with multiple levels of privacy, and there's no central server so everything stays with you.
Designed for fast data input and total flexibility, rTracker is the one tracker app for you.

rTracker graph for Car tracker
With the car tracker showing, turn your device sideways to see the graphed data.  Tap the left axis to change the highlighted item and Y-axis scale, tap a data point to highlight it and go to that entry when you turn the device back, and use the pinch gestures on the main graph to zoom in and out.

rTracker main view - add as many trackers as you need
Add all the trackers you need, just tap one to start using it.

rTracker sample car tracker - calculates mileage, distance, fuel price
The Car tracker is included as a sample.  Input the first three items and tap 'tank full'; the tracker calculates the rest.

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